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Best Ethical Investment Funds 2022

Imeetzu There are several ways to invest in an ethical fund. For instance, you can put money into an index fund that focuses on sustainable and renewable energy or education. Other options include social investment funds, which focus on how companies engage with stakeholders. These investments address issues like employee rights, customer privacy, data security, gender equality, and more. There are also governance funds, which focus on how companies can improve the way they run their business and the culture they promote Thedocweb. Most of these funds are managed by experts and come with a ready-made ethical portfolio.

Another option is to use a robo-adviser Mynewsport. There are a few options available, including Wealthify. This platform allows you to choose the amount of money you wish to invest each month, and an algorithm will select a portfolio of funds based on your risk tolerance and asset allocation. Wealthify offers five ethical plans, although there are still some index trackers that invest in big banks and oil majors. However, its five Ethical plans do not include tobacco or other harmful products Getinstagram. Another niche option is Abundance, a platform focused on green infrastructure and peer-to-peer lending.

Another option for those looking for long-term growth is the Liontrust Sustainable Fund. This fund offers a low annual charge and invests 90% of its funds in companies with a positive impact. The fund invests in companies that work on a variety of different issues, including healthcare, education, and the environment Koinsbook. Its long-term performance has also been impressive. Despite the low annual fee, it has been one of the best-performing ethical funds in the UK over the last decade.

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