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GameStop Pays For Used Games

If you want to sell your old games, GameStop pays cash or stores credit, depending on the condition. You must bring all the items you wish to sell, including the game’s original packaging, manual, and box. Be sure to charge your devices so that they’re ready to go before you leave them. Generally, they’ll accept Xbox 360 S models and PS3 500GB systems for $10.

The price that GameStop pays for used games is higher than what you can get from other stores, including Walmart and Amazon. In addition to their higher price, they also pay you in gift cards instead of cash. You’ll have more money in your pocket when you trade in your old games at GameStop. But be aware of the risks you take by selling your games to GameStop. You may end up wasting a lot of your time trying to sell your old games at low prices.

Ideally, you should keep your games in their original packaging and in their original case. If possible, clean the games and consoles properly. They should be in good condition to receive payment from GameStop. You may also have to remove accessories from the original product. And if you’re trading handheld devices, make sure they’re fully charged and wiped of any personal information. This will help you get paid quickly.

Although there’s a strict trade-in policy, you can usually expect to get a decent amount for your used games. Most stores will pay you between $7 and $14 for your used game. The trade-in value can range from $7 to $14, depending on the condition of the game. But you must keep in mind that your trade-in may not be accepted if it’s not in great condition. Additionally, you should know that GameStop no longer accepts PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. However, they may restart the PlayStation 3 program soon.

Currently, GameStop pays about $35 for Xbox One and Wii U games. Used games in other merchandise will earn between $2 and $3. At checkout, the associate will evaluate the used games based on their condition and market demand. Generally, GameStop pays between twenty to fifty percent of their original price. This is a pretty good deal. If you have old games that you no longer play, consider selling them to GameStop. They’ll pay you in store credit in exchange for some money.

Another way to make money selling your used games is to get as much money as possible. GameStop employees get a lot of pressure from the store owners to sell used items as fast as possible. Then, GameStop employees are more likely to sell your used games before new ones. While this might seem like a negative aspect of GameStop, it’s worth keeping in mind that they aren’t necessarily at fault. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of understanding. If this is your situation, you can always get in touch with GameStop for more details.

While GameStop pays $10 for Xbox One games, they rarely pay anything more than twenty to twenty five percent of their real value. While they will sometimes offer you more, these bonuses are gimmicks and don’t mean you’ll get a good deal. You can also return used games within 30 days of purchase. If you can’t decide between used and new games, GameStop will offer a refund within seven days.

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