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India’s Vibrant Diamond Industry and Connections to London

As a major diamond processing hub, India’s thriving industry and trade links exert global influence on diamond jewelry markets, including, Engagement rings london traditional diamond district Hatton Garden.

India accounts for over 90% of the world’s diamond polishing and cutting. The nation’s manufacturing expertise and labor resources have made India central to preparing rough diamonds for jewelry production and consumption worldwide.

Centered in the state of Gujarat, India’s diamond industry employs over 1 million workers. Generations of diamond expertise is passed down through many family-run operations. This polishing craftsmanship makes India essential to supplying ready diamonds.

India’s connections to the UK diamond trade span centuries. London jewelers, particularly those specializing in bespoke designs like engagement rings london, have longstanding ties importing exceptional Indian diamonds.

Today, India trails only the US and China as the world’s third largest diamond consumer. Growing affluence among Indian couples drives demand for diamond wedding jewelry, including engagement rings.

Yet India maintains its competitive advantage in diamond processing. Many London jewelers source loose diamonds from India for custom rings because of quality and cost advantages.

This bilateral trade remains mutually beneficial. London provides a high-value market while India supplies lower-cost polished diamonds and skilled labor. These reciprocal exchanges fuel both nations’ prominence in diamonds.

While geographically distant, India’s development as a diamond processor, trader and consumer integrates it tightly with traditional UK diamond hubs like London. This interdependence strengthens the global diamond industry, underpinning stable engagement ring diamond supplies.